The function class for Cheddar


name type description
arguments 2D array (described below) this matrix described the arguments for the function. In the form of [ ["arg_name", { <options> }] ]
body function (described below) the function body
arguments matrix:
name type default description
Type cheddar.class n/a If provided, the argument is required to be of the given type
Default cheddar.class{} n/a If provided and the argument is not provided, it will be set to this rather than throwing an error.
Splat bool false If provided, this and the following arguments will be combined into a cheddar.array object.
Optional bool false If true, the argument will be nil if not provided
function body:
argument description
first This is the function's scope as a cheddar.scope.
second This is a function which returns a variable's value, given a variable name.


-> (a, b = 0) a + b, with api:

new cheddar.func(
    ["a", {}],
    ["b", {
        Default: cheddar.init(
          10, 0, 0
  function(scope, input) {
    return cheddar.init(
      10, 0,
      input("a").value + input("b").value

Internal Usage

    arg1, arg2, ...
], scope)

scope will be set to self variable, if none, set to null.


the 2D matrix representing the arguments the function is requesting.

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