Cheddar is a high-level, dynamic, interpreted, duck typed programming language. JavaScript, Ruby, and Swift have been large influences on its development.

The goal of Cheddar

The goal of Cheddar is to be a powerful, extensible programming language.

Cheddar puts the entire power of the language in your hands. This lets you develop powerful programs, with the least syntax overhead possible.

We designed the syntax to be beautiful and readable. You should be able to understand the program at a glance. Lines should line up, and code blocks should be clear.

You get freedom when using Cheddar. Cheddar promotes good practice through deterrents, but Cheddar never forces practices upon you. When you code in Cheddar, you can make the choice of how you'd like to design your code. You never need to worry about syntax or functionality.

You choose how you want to code in Cheddar. Cheddar is designed for powerful, large-scale applications, but also quick scripting.

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