Developing for Cheddar development was designed to be as easy and quick to make as possible. Unfortunately, the workings can be confusing to someone not familiar with how cheddar works. This chapter will cover how Cheddar works, and how to develop for it. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask on Slack, Stack Exchange Chat, or Gitter.


Info::Windows Users

If you are on Windows you can install make from here if you haven't already. Make sure make is in your PATH, if it isn't that's okay, but you'll have to manually build using <location of make> build
To download the source make sure you have node, npm, and make installed. Once you've done that clone the develop branch from Github:
$ git clone -b develop
now in that directory, you're going to see a src/ folder. That is where the source code is.
Before developing, make sure you run:
$ npm install
to install the required dependencies


To run it, first run make build:
$ make build
this will compile the code. If it doesn't error, you can run it:
$ node ./dist/cli/cheddar.js
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